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Holiday Outfit Guide

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Do you have holiday events coming up? From family gatherings to holiday work events, we’ve got you covered in all areas!! Check out our Holiday tab at ShopMozelle.com for all of the fun new arrivals! Below we’ll show you some of our favorites and how to style them!

If you’re going for a more casual outfit this year at family gatherings, then our I Sleigh sweatshirt is perfect for you! It fits true to size. You can style this with denim/black denim/red denim. Pair it with our black seeta sneaker if you’ll be on your feet most of the day, or, if you're wanting to dress it up, you could pair it with our black insta bootie. Throw a Santa hat on or a red tie neck bandana and you’re good to go!

If you’re thinking about being somewhere in between business casual and business professional, then this is your go to outfit! We’ve paired our red ruffle sleeve top with our onyx skirt and insta black bootie.  Now all you have to do is add some accessories and hit the road!

We’ve opted for a simple leopard clutch. Depending on the hairstyle you’re going for you could add gold hoops or the media black hat!

 Whether it be work or family related, our holiday green dress paired with our insta black bootie or our skipper boot black would be a great option! We’ve layered it with our gold Y necklace in the picture featured here!

We hope that this gets you thinking about what you’ll be wearing for all of your holiday events coming up in the near future! Thanksgiving is Thursday!! SAY WHAT?? Be sure to check out our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale starting THIS WEEKEND!

-Casey Morgan and Team Shop Mozelle

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